Actual competition. Going digital and beyond

Over the last two years, during which I really got introduced to the competition law world, I copped onto at least three remarkable things. The first one is that there is a tendency for EU and national trustbusters and judges across the board to grasp at straws by sticking to a stale legal framework that has never been so clearly obsolete as it is now in the digital era. In stark contrast stands the second one, that is, the unprejudiced view that I’ve spotted in many not-always-so-young with the strange habit to think out the box. As a glimmer of hope in this paradoxical picture, the third is the realisation not only that innovative ideas may have more value than we think but also that they can be put forward by the same ‘disruptive’ means that are pushing the outer boundaries of the antitrust tectonic plate. Continue reading “Actual competition. Going digital and beyond”